Glowing DMK Enzyme Treatment Review by L.A. Makeup Artist

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Glowing DMK Enzyme Treatment Review by L.A. Makeup Artist


I told Ivan that he had to do DMK Enzyme Treatment Review!  See,  I knew that Ivan Betancourt, our roving Makeup Guest Blogger is based in L.A!  I also knew that Matthew Miller of Matthew Miller Skin had just moved L.A!  Matthew Miller is a certified Paramedical DMK U.S. Clinic, I know this because I saw him post a DMK Enzyme Therapy Masque photo on his Instagram.  This all swirled together in my head to come up with the idea that Ivan needed to meet Matthew and get a treatment so he could write a DMK Enzyme Treatment Review.  I jumped on the opportunity to have them work together – and it turned out to be amazing! Ivan has been a guest on our Makeup Monday with Jenni on several occasions!  During our recent SKIN. BODY. SOUL. podcast, Ivan told me that he had only ever had a few facials.  I died!  Literally!  I told him, I would get him in touch with someone so we could get him more involved in skincare!


As a working makeup artist, I have select and effective skincare in my kit. I spend a good amount of time prepping clients’ skin.  Everything I use has to be fast acting and work well with the make up that I use.  My personal skincare routine mirrors that of my clients, though I’ve always wanted to dive deeper into skincare so I jumped at the chance to write a DMK Enzyme Treatment Review. This was an amazing treatment, Matthew first cleansed my skin to make sure it was free from dirt and debris. Then he applied the DMK Enzyme Treatment.  This is also called the “Game Of Thrones Facial” by Cosmopolitan Magazine because when the mask hardens it looks like a skin disorder that was made popular on the show!

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I’ve only had one facial before, but this treatment was totally different.  Matthew applied the product to my face and then I just relaxed for about 45 minutes while the mask got really hard!  I could feel it pulling my skin nice and tight.  It was like a shell.  I could feel my skin pulsating as the blood pumped in my skin creating the signature “Plasmatic Effect” that helps to oxygenate the skin! This was totally different than the other facials that I’ve had!  After the mask was removed, my skin was glowing and incredbily smooth!  I loved it!


Ivan mentioned that this was totally different than other facials that he had experienced.  There’s a reason for that!  What Ivan experienced, wasn’t a a facial.  It was a skin revision treatment.  With DMK, you don’t just treat skin disorders and their symptoms, you treat skin as a whole.  Your skin care treatments are no longer facials, they become paramedical skin revision treatments! You can take your skin care treatments to new heights!  By offering the DMK Enzyme Therapy you can help your clients find balance, so they can have healthy, glowing skin every day!

DMK Enzyme Treatment is Enzyme Therapy

The DMK Enzyme Therapy is all about the Enzyme Masque! After that the masque really kicks in, drying and pulling the skin back towards your scalp, a pulsating action occurs which is the “reverse osmosis” effect drawing toxins and fluids from your skin. During this time, the enzyme masque is also removing dead skin cells, activating collagen in the skin and working your facial muscles intensely, which leaves the skin feeling and looking incredibly firm.